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Interesting activities in “Pearl Island” Phu Quoc at night


Blue sea and white sand, the clear sky and mild wind are not the only attractive things when coming to the Pearl Island, bustling night activities are also splendid. Here are hot spots in Phu Quoc at night!

Visiting Dinh Cau night market


Dinh Cau night market is famous for its street food buffet. This is a shopping and dining place serving various Phu Quoc specialties. Opening from 5 pm to 10 pm, the market is always crowded with visitors. In particular, the seafood in the market is fresh and attractively prepared.

Another attraction is that the market has clean, airy space, friendly and polite servers, and affordable prices. After eating, you may also walk about 100 meters to Dinh Cau cape for a night walk, an interesting experience.

Listen to music at the theater

This is an attractive activity for those who love art and music. Corona Theater is located in the Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc resort complex with a capacity of over 600 audiences, designed in the form of modern and luxurious arcs.


The light and sound system of international standard will bring the audience the most emotional moments of the trip. This place also hosted the show of top music stars such as Phi Nhung, Quang Le, Dam Vinh Hung, Le Quyen, Bang Kieu, Thu Phuong whose voice captivating the hearts of music lovers.

Night squid fishing

When night falls, it is the ideal time to fish squid. This is an experience at sea that is loved by many tourists. The feeling of catching squid or swordfish, blue-bone fish on the sea surface, then cooking and eating right on board is very interesting.


Night fishing usually goes on full moon or moonlit days. In the sparkle of the moonlight on the sea and the small hurricane lamp, chilling on waters and wind is great experience.

Have fun at Corona Casino

It sounds hard to believe that Vietnam has 5 casinos, but all of them are for foreign visitors. That’s why when Corona Casino officially opened, the first casino for Vietnamese players in the territory of Vietnam, it received great attention, especially from visitors to Corona Resort & Resort and Casino Phu Quoc in particular and thee Pearl Island in general.


With a 37-hectare casino area with modern design, high-end interior, 100 tables and 1,000 modern machines, Corona Casino is built to the standards of top casinos in “gambling capitals” such as Macau or Las Vegas.

The regulations on entrance are not too strict and are an advantage to visitors. Enjoying a favorite cocktail and indulging in endless fun is an unforgettable experience in the hearts of visitors..