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How to win in roulette


Roulette is a popular game in casinos around the world. Although it is considered a game of chance, many players believe that any game has a secret method to win.

How to play roulette

  • Use Chips to bet on any separate number or combination of numbers you consider to be lucky on the game table.
  • The game operator will help you place bets on the numbers on the table if requested and you must confirm that the bets are placed as required..
  •  The game operator will hit the ball on the wheel.
  • You can still place bets at this time until the game operator signals no more bet.
  • After the ball falls on one of the numbers on the wheel, the game operator announces the winning number and places a dolly on the winning number on the game board.
  • Winning bets are retained on the game table for pay out after the game operator has collected lost bets.

The secret to play Roulette from the pro players

Know the probabilities and payout rates


Knowing how the game works statistically is crucial to having a successful way of playing Roulette. There are many types of bets. Each bet has its own chance of winning and its payout ratio. Bet on a single number will have the highest pay out ratio, but the chance of winning is lowest. On the other hand, bets with a chance of winning nearly 50% (even / odd, red / black, etc.) are the safest but least profitable..

Turn-around numbering strategy

On Roulette’s turntables, if you use the logic of betting with a certain sequence over two fixed numbers, that means dividing the table into zones and each bet you place for each zone..

For example: The first round, bet on zones 1, 2, then regardless of win or loss, in the second round, bet on another zone i.e 1 or 3, then regardless of win or loss, bet on zones 2, 3, regardless of win or loss, in the forth round return to zone 1, 2. And so on, continue to bet periodically according to this method..

Method of using bet codes or twins: in each round, if you win then you can bet through three options or twins, in three options you can win 2,375, with highest winning amount. However, in my opinion, three options is the best, the risk is small, the profit is high. Twins can win 1.25 bet codes. As for the probability of the method, using this method for numbering and the chance of winning a few chips is high. It is possible to win amounts up to USD 10,000 with this method.


This is one of the most effective ways to play Roulette that many gamblers use. You need to determine a certain sequence of wagering on two fixed zones on the Roulette table in order to place a bet, ie each bet on two zones. Specifically as follows:

  • In the first round bet on zones 1, 2.
  • In the second round bet on zones 1, 3 (regardless of win or loss in the first round)
  • In the third round bet on zones 2, 3 (regardless of win or loss in the second round)
  • In the fourth round bet on zones 2, 3 (regardless of win or loss in the third round) and so on.

Deviating pattern

Winning the house is not difficult, but there must be a reasonable playing method to win. It is important to note that when participating in a Roulette where the opening number starts with a diagonal or is interrupted in the middle, player can adopt a three-round wagering strategy with diagonal numbers. With this strategy, there will be a number with a certain winning probability of 60% and moreover there will be a chance of winning continuously for several consecutive rounds.


After placing a consecutive bet, stop for 1 round, then the previous number will reappear. For example, the first winning number is 35, then 32 and then another number not in the diagonal with the 2 numbers above, followed by the number 28 or 30 or 40.

Tidal wave method

This method requires the player to have patience to observe. To get the best results, when using tactics, you should observe about 30 winning number and know the recent winning numbers until you see 5 winning numbers in duplicate. betting can be started.


  • Straight bet: Bet on the nearest 17 numbers and 0
  • Reverse: bet 17 front numbers and exclude 0
  • If a group of 12 numbers consecutively appear 4 times, then you should bet 6 even and odd numbers, in case of occurrence of 12 dragon numbers but there is a 0, then stop. When observing that the odds between the straight and the reverse path have reached 70%, then stop, skip a game and continue to bet, if you fail, then stop.
  • When the forward and reverse path have a continuous variation, you should depend on that logic to place bets.