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How to play Sic-bo for newbies


Sic Bo also known as Tai-sai, is a popular game in Asian region, playing with 3 dices, tumbled the dices by a tumbling device before starting each round.

Many said that Playing Sic Bo could mainly rely on the luck, without certain strategies. However, it does not mean that there is no Tips/Trick for the players to win the game.

Hardly to make a 100% guess the next-coming figure, but it does not mean that you do not take advantage of the playing tactics.

Here below can help you know how to play Sic Bo, the effective game plan in Casino Sic Bo can turn you a “menacing player” in  Casino!


How to play Sic Bo?

  • The player must guess and place a bet on the certain plane of the 3 dices.
  • Players place their bets on one or certain areas of the table until the dealer said “No More Bet”.
  • There are different bet areas from one figure to the 3 dices with different-rate “raffles”.
  • When the results of 3 dice are shown, the winning areas on the table will light up.


Talking about Sic Bo, is the best strategy is Defense?

Casino Sic Bo mainly relies on the luck thus the player must have a great patience, preferring defense to attack. Sic Bo Players of Defense not only save more money but also stay longer in the game.

If you play Sic Bo in this way, you can take a larger benefit. The best rate that you can bet in Sic Bo is about 2.78% so that you can obtain the equivalent rate.

Rule of Big and Small Bet in Casino Sic Bo


If you choose Small and Big, in general, you can win more regularly than the dealer. So, what is the Small and Big Bet?

Small Bet is the player expects that the total tumbling score of the 3 dices will be from 4 to 10. Meanwhile, the Big Bet shall expect that the total tumbling score of the 3 dices will be from 11 to 17. When the player chooses Big Bet with the rate of 1 (i.e. the winning rate is smaller than the rate of Small Bet). However, you totally take the bigger chance of winning the game.

Moreover, you can watch the game rules of Sic Bo, recognizing that you can earn more money, higher than the regularly-normal level, if you bet a figure. However, the higher the rate re-issue, the lower the victory you can talk.

 If you choose to bet a unique figure, you should focus on a single dice and try your best to guess which number to appear. Truly, In fact, it’s nothing new that we bet many times to the same number, then we are going to gain the best result.

Combined Bet

Talking the combined bet of playing Sic Bo (i.e. place two figures specifically), the Player has a small advantage of about 2.77%. While this situation may seem unlikely (that’s the reason why the newbies often ignore this bet). The chance of combined bet is 6-1 which a player can expect to win in seven bets

For best results in combined bet you should use this method regularly. If you are proficient in this Sic Bo strategy you can absolutely apply it when playing Sic Bo without using other higher-risk bets.

Low-risk Sic Bo Tactics for newbies?


Although some of the strategies introduced above seem completely new to beginners, they can be used. However, everyone can benefit from being cautious in this game. The tactics of playing Sic Bo can completely help newbies to master the game. This is because that it helps you minimize financial loss in the long run and become more familiar with the game

Through the tactic, the player can approach the game easily thank to the confidence of low-risk of money and the newbies, after getting familiar with the level, are going to move to balance or advanced Sic Bo tactics.

Only one disadvantage of these low-risk tactics that easily to be seen is a boring repetition. Nevertheless, the tactic is the best way of practice your patience and bet restriction when you’re a newbie. This is the foundation for the best results to play any game in Casino.

Place a proper bet

According to the long-term Sic Bo player, you should choose your most proper Sic Bo Bet. The highest bet of Sicbo is Tai-sai. Anyhow, we do not always place the highest bet. The player must analyze and observe how the game is playing to obtain the most money.

Choose the crowded table


According to the majority of Sic Bo players, the more the table is the more potential of winning you get. Actually, there are many people who apply this tactic and get exceptional results. If you still doubt it, you can try right when you have a chance to play with the dealer and at the most crowded table. Certainly, the winning rate falls on the crowded table of players.

Do not play when you’re irrational

One of the utmost important things that the player could not ignore is that they should not play Sic Bo when they are tired and uncomfortable. This is because it is not only an entertaining game but also determine how much money you win or lose. Thus, if your state of mind is irrational, you won’t have the most accurate judgment.