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How to play Russian poker for a high winning odds


At Corona Casino Phu Quoc, visitors can experience Russian poker – one of the most popular variations of the poker game, with many unique and attractive features.

Poker is one of the most popular games at casinos all over the world. At Phu Quoc Casino – The first legal casino to allow Vietnamese people to play in the territory of Vietnam on the basis of satisfying a number of specific regulations, poker is divided into three variations: Corona Poker, Russian Poker and 3-Card Poker. Among them, Russian-style poker is popular because it is considered easy to understand and play with intuitive rules, players can get acquainted and mastered after only a few trials.

Before starting the game, players need to have a good understanding of Russian poker, as well as distinguish the three types of poker currently in Corona Casino Phu Quoc.

Popular types of poker


Corona Poker is one of poker games, offering a thrilling and attractive feeling when playing cards against the Dealer. Each round uses a 52-card-deck.

Russian poker is a game that originated in Russia, then gradually became popular in Asia. Russian poker uses a 52-card-deck, comparing cards between the Player and the Dealer to determine the outcome. The special feature in this game is that the Players have the right to buy an additional 6th card or exchange 2 to 5 of their own cards to create the best hand to win the Dealer’s one.

3-Card Poker is a poker game where the Players’ winning and losing outcome is based on the comparison of their hand and the Dealer’s one. The values ​​of cards from high to low in this game are as follows: Ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

How to play Russian poker for a high winning odds

General poker and Russian poker are flexible games, but in general, there are ways to play and rules for Russian poker players to “meet most success”.

Mastering the rules of Russian poker

Before starting any game, mastering the rules of the game is a must. The more deeply and thoroughly the players understand the rules of the game, the more confidence and odds of winning they can raise. For the first time players, they should consider carefully, choose a type of poker to test and try until grasping and mastering the way to play to ensure not wasting money and time.

Being steadfast when playing poker


To have a game with a high winning odd, keeping steadfast is a very important factor besides observing your opponent carefully during the game. Not only controlling facial expressions, good players also have to stabilize their voices, gestures …, and change them according to the situations. Going into the core, poker in general or Russian poker in particular is actually a psychological game, eliminating the randomness of the value of the cards being dealt and eliminating move calculations, poker becomes a “mind” match between two players about the stability of psychology.

Therefore, players need to be very careful: showing emotions out will help the opponent guess their cards or understand their playing style. This will become a disadvantage for players. On the other hand, training to withstand failure is also a necessary aspect. Players need to keep in mind: not only because of a few defeats but making wrong decisions, they still have to handle them calmly.

Caution is the top rule of poker

One of the factors to assess poker master is the way in which poker hands are managed. Be cautious – whether for Russian poker or whatever type of poker, being careful is a must for every player. If you do not know this playing principle, it will take a very deep loss without retrieving.

For example: A face down hand, when 2 more open cards received are 2 Q cards, the chance of having a third Q card is quite high, because all players often scatter the big cards first. Now players need to reassess their cards to decide whether to call or raise.

Watch out for big hands of the opponents


Not only poker, in fact when participating in any casino game, it is extremely important for players to always be alert and set a limit (time and money) is extremely important. Absolutely do not exceed this limit – remember, luck is also an indispensable factor in every betting game.

If the budget is limited, the players should play at small tables to get enough money to enter the big table. When deciding to raise or call the players also needs to coordinate different playing amounts to avoid the opponent from catching their hand. This also does not mean that the small hand folds, but the big hand calls, sometimes with the small hand, the player raises a little to try to scare the opponent or probe the opponent’s psychology.


Besides, there are other rules such as: Knowing to judge the right time to fold, Not focusing on taking the pot when playing poker, Not being too reckless because situation “go big or go home” does not always occur …

If there are any questions, the staff at Corona Casino are always happy to answer them. Corona Casino is open 24/7 with a friendly and professional staff that will ensure your satisfaction during your visit and experience.