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How popular the casino is in the world?

Casino is a form of entertainment that is not too unfamiliar, but not all players have a thorough understanding of this trendy game.

Number of active casinos at present

As one of the highly stimulating forms of entertainment, a combination of luck and computational mindset of each player, the casino is well received and publicly operated in many countries around the world. A casino is often built near hotels, restaurants, luxury malls, or luxury yachts, so it is often associated with a luxurious feature.

Furthermore, visitors also know the casino as the venue for concerts (or live shows) of many famous artists with elaborate performances like a pure art stage.

Regarding to the casinos, it’s will be a mistake not mentioning Las Vegas, Nevada – one of the “The gambling capital” of the world. In the United States alone, there are more than 1,500 casinos operating with various sizes.

This is also the country that owns the most casinos in the world today, and is also the home of WinStar World Casino & Resort – the largest casino in the world. France ranks second with 189 casinos, followed by the Russian Federation with 169 active casinos.

Casino is a relatively popular form of entertainment which can be found in many countries and regions around the world

In Asia, there are countries and territories being famous for their casinos including Singapore, Macao or Malaysia. The “lion island nation” owns 10 casinos, Macao has 14 casinos, and is also home to the second largest casino in the world – Venetian Macau.

Particularly in Vietnam, there are 6 casinos being licensed, however 5 of them are exclusive for foreigners. Corona Casino Phu Quoc, operated from the beginning of 2019, located at the beach. Long Phu Quoc is the only casino for Vietnamese in the territory of Vietnam, on the basis of satisfying certain conditions.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc has it owns qualifications to become a new hot spot in Phu Quoc tourism 

Profits of casinos

With the number of thousands of legal casinos in many countries around the world, and being considered as one of the activities closely related to tourism, it is not difficult to understand why casino is considered one of the important industries in economic development of a number of countries and regions.

Specifically, in the United States, casino is seen as a multi-billion-dollar industry. By 2018, the profits earned by the country from casino business are up to US$ 161 billion. On the other hand, the industry also helps create 1.8 million jobs, mainly in Nevanda.

The profits of the casino are so promisin that some countries see it as one of the most important industries.

In Macau, casino profits hit US$ 38 billion in 2018 – a great figure, compared to the number of casinos currently in this territory. According to statistics, the operation of casinos contributes up to 50% of Macau’s revenue. From the above figures, it can be seen that running the casino in the right direction with strict legal regulations can bring in huge profits and significantly promote the economic development of a country.

In Vietnam, the profits from the casinos exclusive for foreigners are not very good as they have consistently reported losses for at least 2 years. However, the good news for investors is that with the opening of the first casino for Vietnamese in Vietnam territory, Corona Casino has brought the “delicious piece of cake” back to the “home field”, diverting the cash flow of Vietnamese people spending on casinos around the world to Vietnam (estimated up to US$ 800 million/year).

Only in the first 6 months of the year, Corona Casino Phu Quoc has earned a profit of more than VND 600 billion – a positive figure and opens up rooms for development. In the first phase, Corona Phu Quoc also created an average of 1,500 jobs in the casino sector alone. Building and developing this form of entertainment not only creates more options for tourists when coming to Phu Quoc, but also contributes to promoting tourism development for the “Pearl Island” and brings stable and sustainable economic benefits.

The appearance of Corona Casino Phu Quoc brings various benefits

What makes Corona Casino Phu Quoc a must-come destination:

  1. Corona Casino is the first casino open to Vietnamese players in the territory of Vietnam.
  2. Corona Casino Phu Quoc offers 8 top exciting games, 100 tables and 1000 modern slot machines.
  3. Fully imported furniture, restaurant and bar system integrated directly inside the casino.
  4. It covers an area of up to over 18,000 meter square, 1 swimming pool and 1 stage with high-standard sound and light systems.
  5. Open 24/7.
  6. Enthusiastic, professional and friendly staff.
  7.  Located at Dai beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, in the resort and entertainment complex of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, with a modern utility system including 5-star accommodation, theater , water park, shopping mall, etc.