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Hongsi Tea – An ideal destination for milk tea lovers in Phu Quoc

We usually seek for new discoveries and experiences from delicious food or tourists’ attractions during any trip, but sometimes we miss familiar daily things such as a cup of sweet milk tea.

In Phu Quoc, if you still miss a cup of authentic Taiwanese milk tea after enjoying seafood, going to Sao Beach, Truong Beach, having fun at VinWonders park, experiencing Corona Casino, the first casino for Vietnamese people in Vietnam…, you must visit HongSi Tea & Cake.

Located at No 26 Hung Vuong in the center of Duong Dong town, HongSi Tea & Cake is a popular venue among young people in Phu Quoc in particular and tourists in general when they want to enjoy milk tea and cakes.

The first impression of any customer entering HongSi Tea & Cake is that the space is airy, spacious, delicately designed, modern, offering many unique check-in corners to young people, creating the most comfortable wonderful atmosphere.

In addition to a diverse milk tea menu, HongSi Tea also offers bread and cakes. Customers can be confident to enjoy the fresh taste of milk tea or the sweetness and softness of cakes made by fresh ingredients.

It is known that on December 26, HongSi Tea & Cake will be the official sponsor providing drinks for the live show named “Christmas at sea” of singer Bang Kieu taking place at Corona theater. If you are a fan of music and the taste of HongSi’s milk tea, come and enjoy!