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Ho Quang Hieu and Ngoc Anh The Voice and Mia gather on the stage of Corona Casino

The three singers had a unique performance in the live show named “We are brothers”, which took place on the evening of May 1 on the big stage of Eclipse Bar, included in Corona Casino entertainment complex.

It was a rare opportunity for all three singers to be on stage together. They not only performed their famous songs which have made their names, but also offered duet and trio performance, bringing a lot pleasant surprises for the audience.

While Ho Quang Hieu delivered a beautiful warm voice suitable for gentle ballads, Mia gave the audience youthful and vibrant melodies. Meanwhile, Ngoc Anh The Voice, a “million-view girl”, set the stage “on fire” with the songs combined with hot choreography. During the show, Ho Quang Hieu also performed popular remix songs, matching the bustling atmosphere of Corona Casino.

The live show was invested and elaborated by the production team and directed by Musician Minh Khang. Thanks to that, the singers felt comfortable to perform their best, and the audience also had the opportunity to admire and experience a top-notch sound and light in a luxurious space.

The big stage of Eclipse Bar in Corona Casino is the venue where mini live shows or mini concerts of Grade A artists regularly take place. It is also the place to award prizes for lucky draws or to express gratitude to the customers visiting the first casino for Vietnamese people in Vietnam.