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Inspired by both modern and classic European flair, Fusion opens up a romantic, cozy French space in the heart of Pearl Island. 

You will have a chance to enjoy not only the dishes elegantly created by gifted chefs but also a diverse wine list, carefully selected for the perfect combination and flavor enhancement. Here at Fusion, you will certainly have a rich and unique experience.

OPENING HOUR: 12:00 – 2:00


Fusion Cuisine Restaurant – Corona was famous for its Fusion Food (or Fusion Cuisine) culinary trend which has become a new way of life for gourmets.

What is Fusion Food?

Fusion Food (or Fusion Cuisine) has become a new way of life for gourmets.

As you may know, Fusion Food is a culinary trend that showed up in the 80s of the twentieth century. However, it has only become popular in recent years. The chef will randomly create new dishes with a combination of unique cuisines from different countries, especially in terms of taste and the way of processing.

The trend not only stimulates the chef’s creativity but also brings an impressive taste experience to diners.

The story behind Fusion Food

However, Fusion food is a combination in cuisine, sometimes improvised and sometimes according to clear rules. Usually, the more ethnically diverse countries are, the more culturally diverse they are, the clearer and bolder the impression of the Fusion trend will be.

To have an outstanding creativity that arouses all senses of diners, and to impress them and to make them excited about food is never easy. Many chefs spent a lot of time traveling around the world to explore and experience the cuisine of different countries just to create a dish that combines dishes from the places they go through. Some people taste thousands of dishes just to figure out a few typical flavors to add to their favorites.

Fusion Food not only stimulates the creativity of the chef but also brings impressive taste experiences to diners.

It is said that Fusion chef is like an artist, they travel a lot, and they select the beauty and the quintessence to bring into their dishes to satisfy his diners.

Its creative nature with new combinations generates completely new dishes from familiar ingredients. Fusion Food style gives chefs great inspirations and gives diners outstanding experiences. Feeling always excited before the diverse culinary world.

However, Fusion does not mean a culinary “confusion”. It never tolerates sloppy and careless combinations. This trend only proves its value when the following criterion is met:

The chef is satisfied with his own dishes and the diners have unforgettable experiences of a great meal.

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