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Flyer The Grand Lucky Draw

Terms & Conditions

  1. Every 888 points earned from Table Game/Slot during each point earning period specified for each draw session
    + 1st Draw session point earning period: 6:00 A.M on 15th Sep, 2019 – 8:30 P.M on 15th Oct, 2019
    + 2nd Draw session point earning period: 6:00 A.M on 16th Oct, 2019 – 8:30 P.M on 15th Nov, 2019
    + 3rd Draw session point earning period: 6:00 A.M on 16th Nov, 2019 – 8:30 P.M on 15th Dec, 2019
  2. 2There is no maximum cap on number of entry ticket that the player can earn.
  3. The players are required to approach Corona Rewards Counter for Draw ticket redemption
  4. Upon patron request, Marketing Host will check through system and print out number of Draw tickets accordingly.
  5. A complete Draw ticket must consist of players’ name, membership ID, Card tier, issued date & Corona Marketing stamp.
  6. There’s only 1 Draw barrel in this event. Players are required to drop the Draw tickets into the Draw barrel himself under Marketing personnel supervision
  7. The Lucky Draw sessions on 15th Oct, 15th Nov & 15th Dec, 2019 will be held at Eclipse Bar Main Stage from 21:00 to 23:00
  8. Total Three (03) draws of ten (10) prizes to be drawn during every lucky draw session as following schedule.
    6th Prize x2 & Third Prize x1 shall be drawn at 21:00. (Total 3 prizes).
    5th Prize x2 & Second Prize x1 shall be drawn at 22:00. (Total 3 prizes)
    4th Prize x2, First Prize x1 & Grand Prize x1 shall be drawn at 23:00. (Total 4 prizes).
  9. One patron can win multiple prizes in a draw session. However, one patron is allowed to win 1 Grand Prize only throughout the event.
  10. Prize Winners must present at Main Stage within 30 seconds after 3 calls to receive his/her winning prize. Fails to do so, Corona management will proceed to draw next tickets of the same prize until winner of that round is determined.
  11. The prize winner will be required to provide membership card & personal identity document (as required) to Marketing host for verification and prize registration
  12. Once each draw session finished, all non-winning draw tickets shall be removed from the barrel, then destroyed.
  13. All winning prizes shall be received at Casino Main Cage after each draw session finished EXCEPT Grand Prize shall be released to winner in the next following date.
  14. Grand Prize can be exchanged to CASH with 70% of its selling prize. All other winning prizes are NOT transferable or exchanged for cash/equivalent items.
  15. All electronic device winning prizes are under warranty of purchased vendor.
Prize Item Price/unit Unit Total
Grand Car Ford 830,000,000 1 830,000,000
1st Prize IPhone XS Max 256G 36,000,000 1 36,000,000
2nd Prize IPad Pro 11 inches Wi-Fi 64G (2018) 22,000,000 1 22,000,000
3rd Prize Apple Watch S4 GPS 11,000,000 1 11,000,000
4th Prize Promotional chip/Slot NN-TITO 10,000,000 2 20,000,000
5th Prize Promotional chip 10,000,000 2 20,000,000
6th Prize Slot NN TITO 5,000,000 2 10,000,000
Total 10 949,000,000

Winners are responsible to claim their winning prizes no longer 30 days after each draw session finished. Fail to do so, winning prizes shall be void & unclaimed items would be used for charity purpose. Promotional chip is for mutiple wagering at Table games have 1:1 pay odds (Baccarat, Sicbo, Roulette, Blackjack) in Mass Gaming only. Slot NN-TITO is valid 30 days after issued (cannot used at ETG machines)
Corona management reserve the right to cancel/amend any event terms & condition without prior notice. In case of dispute, Corona management decision is final.