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Explore luxury service chain at Corona Casino Phu Quoc


Not only being the first casino opened to Vietnamese guests to play in Vietnam, Corona Casino Phu Quoc is also attractive thanks to its unique and classy closed service system. 

Phu Quoc – a small island district in Kien Giang province has emerged as a tourist spotlight in recent years, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists thanks to its pristine beautiful natural scenery and diverse recreational activities.

Among them, we cannot ignore Corona Casino Phu Quoc which is located at Dai Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Asia-Pacific region, voted by many famous travel magazines as comparable to familiar paradises like Phuket, Bali, Maldives, etc.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc has many outstanding advantages: geographical location, service quality, uniqueness, etc.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is a 5-star resort-entertainment complex of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, built on an area of more than 18,000m2 with two floors, possessing modern equipment and luxurious architecture, creating a sumptuous space, not inferior to the casinos in Macao’s “red and black cathedral” or the famous Las Vegas of the United States.

This is also the first casino opened to Vietnamese guests to play in Vietnam – a big step towards bringing this type of entertainment closer to the public, when all casinos which were licensed to operate in Vietnam previously only serve foreign visitors. As a pioneer, Corona Casino Phu Quoc strives to bring the best experience of international standards to visitors, not only in the system of 8 trendy games available at the casino, but also a mainstream all-in-one satellite chain of high-end casinos.

Fast entry procedures and many attractive facilities make Corona Casino Phu Quoc a bright name for domestic tourists

Integrated chain of restaurants & bars

The casino is not only a place to find luck in exciting nights, but also a runway of aesthetics and sophistication, which demonstrate guests’ taste. In each high-end fun, wine glasses are considered as indispensable jewelries.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is not an exception when it owns a bar chain that includes a variety of expensive and rare wines, cocktail recipes that cannot be found anywhere else and mojito for lovely ladies.

This list of drinks at the casino considered as “Las Vegas of Vietnam” is enough to exchange the admirable eyes of any wine connoisseur for visitors to freely roam in a prosperous space, enjoy the nights with endless fun and a glass of red wine like ruby or sparkling golden champagne.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc impresses with luxurious flashy space

The restaurant chain is located directly inside the casino area and provides maximum comfort for guests. Here, players can find unique and fresh snacks with ingredients taken directly from the rich “Pearl Island”.

Similar to the chain of bars/lounges, restaurants of Corona Casino Phu Quoc are diverse in design in many different architectural styles, from refined sophistication, mixed with a bit of Asian mystery, to the booths with magnificent chandeliers reminiscent of the golden age in Hollywood movies. Each space brings a different feeling, satisfies the tastes and meets the aesthetic standards of the most demanding guests.

A highlight that makes Corona Casino Phu Quoc close to the world’s top casinos is the appearance of the stage in an Eclipse bar area. Mini concerts or mini live shows of grade-A artists have become a “specialty” at Las Vegas high-end casinos, and this cultural beauty has been recreated at the first casino opened to Vietnamese guests to play in Vietnam. This is also the place to award lucky draw programs to thank customers of Corona Casino Phu Quoc, with many attractive prizes with a total value of up to billions of Vietnam dongs.

Giá trị giải thưởng lớn khiến mỗi đêm vui chơi tại Corona Casino Phú Quốc đều vô cùng náo nhiệt
The great value of prizes makes every night of fun at Corona Casino Phu Quoc extremely bustling

Immersing in the bustling atmosphere of red and black games and enjoying fine cuisine and melodious music will bring guests an unforgettable evening at the “Pearl Island”.

Outdoor independent swimming pool

Every big casino has its own features to attract and make visitors memorize, such as Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands with a 1-0-2 position in the world, or The Venetian of Macao that has a canal inside the precinct, etc. For Corona Casino Phu Quoc, the highlight is an independent outdoor swimming pool.

Phu Quoc is famous for its pristine fresh nature and this outdoor swimming pool area does not disappoint with the high purity water. Corona Casino is opened 24/7, if you visit the swimming pool during the day, you can indulge in the clear turquoise swimming pool, watch the natural scenery in harmony with the rich diversity of vegetation, enjoy the fresh air mixed with the typical sea salt smell of the island district. When the night falls, the pool area is splendid with shimmering lights and is a suitable place to organize trendy pool parties, making the game even more fun and exciting.

Modern swimming pool and facilities of Corona Casino Phu Quoc

Possessing a large area, Phu Quoc Casino‘s independent outdoor swimming pool is also an ideal place for diving activities and water sports if you have demand. Combined with the adjacent bar area, enjoying a cool mocktail by the swimming pool is also a pleasant choice to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Moreover, Corona Casino also offers many incentives for visitors to sign up for membership cards, such as benefits to participate in sweepstakes and vouchers to use resort services and entertainment activities in the VinWonders complex, etc. to optimize visitors’ experience when coming to one of the leading casinos in Vietnam.

With a system of 8 trendy games and a well-trained staff, the services of Corona Casino Phu Quoc receive many positive reviews from domestic and foreign visitors who have directly experienced and have nice impressions for friendliness, hospitality and professional quality.