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Experience top-notch music with tasty Hongsi Tea

At 20:00 on November 28, 2020, Corona Theater Phu Quoc will hold the live show named “Endless love” of Quang Dung – Minh Tuyet, a couple of love song singers. With the company of MC/Miss Kieu Ngan and the participation of MK band and The Sea dance group, this live show will certainly be an amazing night filled with feelings and emotions for music lovers.

Having been accompanying Corona Phu Quoc theater for more than 1 year, Hongsi Tea brand will be the official sponsor for the upcoming live show of Quang Dung – Minh Tuyet.

In particular, Hongsi Tea will provide milk tea of varied flavors and cool spring water during the event. Audience will have chance to enjoy tasty milk tea and fruit tea of distinct flavors from the brand during the show.


Hongsi Tea milk tea shop is located at 26 Hung Vuong in the center of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc. If you are a visitor coming from far distance, you must be surprised that this beautiful little milk tea shop is always crowded with guests enjoying sweet cakes and delicious drinks.

Affirming its position as the number 1 beverage in Phu Quoc for young people, Hongsi Tea has captured the hearts of many customers. The program to sponsor drinks for the live show of Quang Dung – Minh Tuyet this time is also Hongsi Tea’s gratitude to its customers.

The perfect combination of Music & Drinks will bring you absolutely relaxing moments with friends and closed ones.

Please contact for Hotline: 0297.222.8888 further information.