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Entertainment in Phu Quoc: new and diverse, satisfying Vietnamese tourists


Phu Quoc has been gradually becoming one of the spotlights for domestic tourists thanks to its reasonable travel costs, high-quality service facilities and many novel, trendy, and thoughtful entertainment options. Not all tourist sites can understand Vietnamese tourists’ psychology. 

Phu Quoc has a relatively modest area, but is endowed by the nature with many beautiful beaches and diverse terrains when a part of the national park runs through.

Having both forest and sea, the small island district of Kien Giang province quickly broke out and rivaled with the coastal city of Da Nang, or “check-in paradise” – Da Lat in terms of tourist attraction, especially for young tourists. This topography also contributes to Phu Quoc’s ease of developing a variety of entertainment and amusement models, some of which are pioneering and have never appeared in Vietnam before.

Its proximity to the sea helps Phu Quoc develop the largest water park in the southwestern region of Vietnam, and the forest terrain with diverse vegetation is suitable for discovery and adventurous games. 

VinPearl Safari Animal Conservation & Care Park – the first semi-wild zoo in Vietnam

VinPearl Safari is the leading name in the list of new and unique places to play in Phu Quoc. This semi-wild zoo is located in Dai Beach, one of the famous beaches for its clean marine environment and serene wild beauty.

VinPearl Safari is divided into two areas: Zoo (open zoo) and Safari (semi-wild area) have suitable conditions for more than 300 different animal species to live together – it shows a close attention to environmental activities and develops in parallel with the construction to create an ideal space. 

Safari model with the feature “free animals, confined people” allows visitors to observe 1500 individuals in the natural living conditions of each species. This zoo construction form has received the support of many countries around the world since it helps visitors learn visually, vividly, and humanely about animals raised in the zoo.

This is also the first and only Safari zoo in Vietnam so far – this novelty brings great excitement to tourists, especially domestic tourists when witnessing rare and precious animals like Bengal tigers or Arab antelopes, which have a natural habitat in countries hundreds of miles away. 

Safari Zoo and VinWonders belong to the most attractive entertainment complex of Dai Beach, with more than 100 games divided into 6 subdivisions by each separate theme.

Safari also organizes many interactive activities to enhance visitors’ experience, such as feeding animals, watching animal shows, watching mermaid performances in the aquarium area, or with the rhythm of the Zulu’s dance – a tribe from Africa.

These activities bring excitement to discover new and strange things and enrich the cultural knowledge of visitors – one of the factors that many people are interested in when traveling.

Corona Phu Quoc Theater – enjoy colorful spiritual dishes

In addition to active games at entertainment complexes such as Safari Park or VinWonders, domestic tourists also have a great demand for spiritual entertainment activities.

Among them, activities in the artistic categories, such as concerts, music and mixed performances received the most enthusiastic response, because of the harmony between familiarity and novelty.

Theaters and cinemas may be too familiar to visitors, but enjoying music and art in a new land will be an exciting and easily-accessible experience. 

The shows are constantly changing contents to fit the tastes and avoid boredom for the audience

At present, theater model is not too popular in the developed tourism areas in our country, and the quality is also uneven. In fact, the quality of sound and light plays a significant role in the success of a show, besides the names of the guests.

Corona Theater at Dai Beach serves visitors with state-of-the-art technical systems, bringing true entertainment moments. Furthermore, if you do not have much free time, your vacation in Phu Quoc is also a good opportunity for you to enjoy concerts and see class-A stars on a professional stage, where their talent is shining the most.

Casino Phu Quoc – the first casino opened to Vietnamese guests

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is a spotlight in the tourism of “Pearl Island”, although it has just come into operation for a year. This is the first casino that allows Vietnamese people to play in Vietnam, which is a big step forward for this type of entertainment business when Vietnam already has 5 casinos coming into operation legally, but only serving foreign guests.

On the other hand, opening to Vietnamese tourists brings casino entertainment closer to the public than ever before, building a bridge for East-West cultural exchange through tourism and entertainment. 

With a system of facilities and service quality, Corona Casino Phu Quoc is completely competitive with top casinos in the region, providing new choices for Vietnamese tourists.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc shows the “satisfaction” to Vietnamese tourists with simple and quick entry procedures and reasonable fees for both ticket classes: daily tickets (VND 1 million/24 hour) and monthly tickets (VND 25 million/30 days). 8 games in Corona Casino Phu Quoc are well-known globally with easy-to-remember and suitable rules for even novice casino novices.

Facilities include 1000 slot machines and 100 tables. The scale of more than 18,000m2 allows Corona Casino Phu Quoc to integrate a variety of restaurants, bars and lounges right inside the precinct. Moreover, Dai Beach’s casino also has an independent swimming pool, worthy of the title “Las Vegas of Vietnam”.