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“Endless love” live show – a deep night with Quang Dung & Minh Tuyet

“Endless love” live show – a deep night with Quang Dung & Minh Tuyet

Quang Dung – Minh Tuyet, 2 golden vocalists, will give audience of Pearl Island the music night named “Endless love” filled with emotions and feelings, taking place at Corona Theater Phu Quoc at 20:00 on November 28, 2020.

For the listeners who love gentle ballads, Quang Dung is the name which guarantees that deep lyrics and melodies will touch any listener’ heart. With a deep manly voice and professional performing techniques, Quang Dung have successfully performed many immortal songs that have made his name such as: I am left with passion, Sweetness of lips, Night song for lovers… He is also one of the very few male singers who have succeeded in singing the songs composed by Trinh Cong Son.

Singer Quang Dung

Being famous on both Vietnamese stages and overseas ones, singer Minh Tuyet has been known as a “chameleon” since she is able to transform herself to suit the music she performs. Sometimes she is on fire and passionate with exciting songs, sometimes she is intense and restless with love songs. This time she will reunion with singer Quang Dung, this well-matched couple promises to bring many interesting surprises for the audience on the last night of November at the beautiful Pearl Island.

Singer Minh Tuyet

Besides the two famous names, the audience will also have chance to see MC/Miss Kieu Ngan during this event. As a familiar MC of many TV shows, with a gentle and deep voice, she will lead the audience through different emotional expericiens in the most natural way.

Experiencing the sublimation of emotions with the top-notch music supported by an international standard sound and lighting system in the luxurious and classy space designed by one of the world’s top architectural firms will certainly give music lovers an unforgettable impression.

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