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Don’t miss top luxury amenities when staying at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc


Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is impressed by the 5-star accommodation system with many interesting culinary, shopping and entertainment amenities. 

The luxury resort and entertainment complex – Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is a spotlight in Phu Quoc tourism in general and Dai Beach in particular.

Located in one of the most prime locations of the “Pearl Island”, Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is surrounded in the green color of trees and beaches with high purity, smooth white sand banks and whispering cool breezes, all of which bring a relaxing and pleasant feeling for visitors.

Choosing to stay at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, you can not only immerse yourself in the natural scenery while at peace, at magnificent times, experience the amenities refined to every detail, but also unleash your choice satellite facilities for a perfect vacation.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is the top choice in the all-inclusive segments

Dining and shopping center Almaz

Located in the Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc complex is Almaz Dining, Shopping and Conference Center with modern and airy design. Inside Almaz center, there is the system of 10 leading restaurants in Phu Quoc.

The special feature of this restaurant chain is not only encapsulated in seafood dishes that are a typical feature of the island district, but also expands the culinary map with a rich menu with dishes from Europe to Asia.

Fresh ingredients are taken directly from the “Pearl Island”, combined with the processing skills of professional chefs to satisfy the taste of the most gourmet dinners, at the same time, it is the perfect choice for crowded tours.

From “made-in-Phu Quoc” crabs to snow crabs to European beefsteak, or delicate Japanese cuisine, Korean standard barbecue table, all can be found at Almaz 

Furthermore, decoration is also the reason for those who love beauty should visit Almaz center at least once during their vacation in Phu Quoc.

The cultural beauty of each country and region is vividly reproduced in the space of each restaurant, and Almaz’s bars are also impressive with diverse designs: classic, luxury or modern with stylized lines, etc.

Inside Phu Quoc Almaz, there are also luxury chain stores in many fields: accessories, cosmetics, costumes, etc., especially to meet the needs of women. A hall with a capacity of up to hundreds of guests is also arranged in this culinary – shopping – conference center, which is suitable for large parties or meetings of organizations and enterprises.

A professional and dedicated staff are always ready to answer all your questions and ensure that your experience at Almaz Phu Quoc is always beautiful and memorable.

Corona Theater – Sublimation with music

“Entertainment magnet” of the Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc complex called Corona Theater. Despite having just coming into operation for less than a year, Corona Theater has left a certain mark in the hearts of music lovers.

Thanks to the international standard sound-light system, this stage has successfully conveyed the full emotions of high-class live shows and concerts to the audience, which is a civilized spiritual dish that visitors should not miss if you have a chance to come to the “Pearl Island” in general and Dai Beach in particular.

Well-prepared concerts have brought Corona Theater’s name far beyond Phu Quoc to reach music lovers across the country.

Corona Theater has received the list of “great” A-grade stars such as Quang Le, Phi Nhung, Bang Kieu, Le Quyen, Thu Phuong, etc. who have been admired by the audience and have firm footholds in Vietnam’s music for many years.

Corona Theater promises to bring moments of adventure with music, full of emotions, bursting with intensity and sophistication in every performance to the audience.

Corona Casino – Magic night embellishment

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is the first casino that allows Vietnamese people to play in Vietnam, a pioneering breakthrough compared to the current 5 licensed casinos for foreign visitors only.

This new form of entertainment is an outstanding reason for you not to miss the opportunity to stay at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc during the island’s best season of the year, lasting from September to April of the following year. Opened 24/7, Corona Casino is operated by Upffinity Gaming Management – a name that has been in charge of operating famous casinos in Las Vegas and Europe, ensuring all activities taking place at the casino in the most professional and thoughtful manner.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc deserves the title “Las Vegas of Vietnam”.

Inside Corona Phu Quoc Casino, there is a system of 8 popular games selected from famous casinos around the world, divided into 100 tables and 1000 slot machines. The number of devices is large enough to bring Corona Casino Phu Quoc on par with famous casinos in the region, as well as welcoming thousands of visitors per day.

The interior of Corona Casino Phu Quoc is also fully imported, combined with the lighting system to create a splendid space – if you only intend to visit, each corner at the casino is enough for visitors to take countless types of “check-in” photos so as to save an unforgettable night here.

Luxury and sophistication are the first comments when visiting this place –
Akoya Spa with rich treatment packages to help dispel all fatigue and stress

Besides, when staying at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, guests are also granted the right to use free facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, gym, join the water sports club, etc. The resort also includes a high-class spa named Akoya Spa with therapies from Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, etc. with open space and close to nature and meditation, bringing absolute relaxation in a true paradise of relaxation.