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Dam Vinh Hung – “Colorful night” show

Dam Vinh Hung, King of Vietnamese music, has an appointment with Phu Quoc Island in “Colorful Night” show

Corona Resort & Casino is pleased to welcome a special music event on May 1st with singer Dam Vinh Hung, one of the top singers in Vietnamese showbiz, and male singer Vu Ha.


Corona Theater has marked its steady growth through a series of regular live shows and concerts. The theater is equipped with a professional sound system, a stage lighting system of high quality, and a large number of audience seats. Most of the performances have been brought by many showbiz stars with meticulous designs and great investments such as: “Incomplete rainbow” live show by Tuan Hung, “The small village of love” live show by Quang Le, or “Comedy music festival” comedy night, etc… 

The great holiday of the year on May 1, 2022 will certainly attract a large number of tourists to visit Phu Quoc Pearl Island. On this occasion, Corona Resort & Casino, one of the top resort complexes in Vietnam, will hold a modern music event. The performance of male singer Dam Vinh Hung  – the voice of “Love castle” – shall bring an exciting atmosphere to the event.

After quite busy business trips, the top singer in the Vietnamese entertainment industry is ready to be on fire in this elaborate show. Dam Vinh Hung always maintains his top position and manner in the music industry as a passionate performer. He creates excitement and love among the audience during any show he joins. After performing for 20 years, the male singer is still ranked as an A-class performer in the entertainment industry with many successful concerts such as Winter Dance, Diamond show, Saigon Bolero and Hung, etc.,

Beside male singer Dam Vinh Hung, the audience in Phu Quoc Island will once again reunite with the popular “star” of the western provinces – male singer Vu Ha. He is known for his unique voice and hit songs such as: Whose daughter is that lady, Passionate Mambo, Brown Eyes cha cha cha, etc.,

Đàm Vĩnh Hưng - show diễn "Đêm muôn màu"

During this greatly invested music event, Mc/runner-up Hoang Oanh will show up as the host of the show to lead the audience through many emotional performances thanks to her professional MC skills. In addition, director artist Minh Khang, MK Band, and Buoc Nhay & Phuong Viet Dance Group will also participate in this show to bring a “Colorful night” show for the audience. 

In addition to high quality music, the audience can also experience a chain of restaurants, shopping malls, and amusement parks of the top class in Asia along with a series of luxury villas and resorts when visiting Corona Resort & Casino.

Contact the Hotline: 0344.61.6666 now to book your tickets.

Join “Colorful Night” Show and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!



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