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Corona Money Shower – The most attractive promotion of 2020

In order to express our gratitude to all customers who have accompanied Corona Casino, as well as create a more vibrant and exciting atmosphere before the new year 2021, Corona Casino offers customers a huge promotion called “Corona Money Shower – Happy New Year 2021”.

Program information:

Conditions for participation: Applicable for Vietnamese players only

  • For each entry ticket valued VND 1,000,000, players will be given 01 lucky draw ticket.
  • Application period: from 25 December 2020 to 31 December 2020
  • Announcement place: at 20:00 – 22:00 on 31 December 2020 at the main stage of Ellipse Bar included in Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc Complex..

Terms and conditions of participation:

1 – Total prize: VND 1 billion dong (VND 1,000,000,000)

2 –The event will include 3 rounds held at the main stage of Ellipse bar main stage at 20:00, 21:00 & 22:00 on December 31, 2020, in which there will be 05 participants in each round (15 participants in total).

3 – The selection of participants will be based on the results of the lucky draw before each round. Each player can only participate in the event once. In case 1 player has more than 1 winning ticket or the player fails to come to the stage within 60 seconds after being called, the winning ticket will be withdrawn and selected again until a new player is found.

4 – A maximum of 2000 lucky draw tickets will be issued during this event. The ballot box will be closed 30 minutes before the main event. After the event ends, all non-winning tickets will be removed from the ballot box & disposed.

5 – The event money kept in the box has no value, but can be converted and used for ranking participants in the event, and will be forfeited when the event ends. The event money in the box shall be distributed as below (Unit: VND)

6 – An eligible player has the right to nominate another player to participate the event on behalf.

7 – Players will be blindfold and have to take money out of the box within 60 seconds, players will be required to stand up straight to take money and not allowed to lean against the wall, not allowed to use bags, baskets, or not allowed to put the money which has been taken out in pockets of shirts or pants…Players will use their hands only to keep the money they’ve caught. Otherwise, the player will be disqualified immediately.

8 – The amount caught by a participant after 60s shall be given to a Marketing staff to be counted before being converted into promotional tokens or inconvertible checks to play slot machines at the main cage equivalent to the taken amount.

9 – After 3 rounds end, the amount of money left in the box will be counted & divided among the 5 players catching the most amount of money in promotional tokens or inconvertible checks to play slot machines as below:

  • The First prize: 50% of the amount left in the box.
  • The Second prize: 25% of the amount left in the box.
  • The Third prize: 15% of the amount left in the box.
  • The Fourth and the Fifth prize: 5% of the amount left in the box for each

10 – In case 2 or more participants catch the same amount of money, the ranking will be based on the number of notes of higher par value of each player (Main Criterion), then on the rules of high cards (Sub-criteria) to determine the rank (Ace is the smallest & King is the highest).

11 – Promotional tokens (VND) and inconvertible checks to play slot machines (VND) cannot be directly converted into cash, are non-transferable and applicable to all games at common area. Promotional chips can be wagered multiple times until lost, cannot be exchanged for cash or inconvertible chips. Inconvertible checks to play slot machines are valid for 30 days after being issued..

12 – CORONA will cover personal income tax of 10% of the total exceeding amount for the winners of the event (up to VND 199,000,000) whose winnings are VND 10,000,000 or more.

13 – Corona Management reserves the right to modify/cancel any terms & conditions of the event without advance notice. In case of any dispute, the decision made by Corona Management will be final.