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Corona Casino gave Tet gifts to disadvantaged people in Ganh Dau commune

On February 2, 2021, Corona Casino gave 20 gifts to disadvantaged people in Ganh Dau commune, which is located in the north of Phu Quoc island.

During this ceremony, the delegation of Corona Casino including leaders and managers gave 20 gifts to disadvantaged people and elderly people living in Ganh Dau commune.

Corona Casino Management Board as well as the representative shared that this meaningful activity was a response to the activities for the poor initiated by the Central Vietnamese Fatherland Front, showing the precious spirit and promoting the tradition of solidarity of Vietnamese people. Corona Casino also hoped to contribute to bringing people a warm and full Tet. The gifts are small but meaningful with the aim to encourage and bring warmth and relief for the people of Ganh Dau commune during the Lunar New Year.

The delegation visited each household to enthusiastically encourage and share the difficulties of the people in mitigating damages caused by the epidemics and natural disasters which heavily affected their daily life, production and economic development. At the same time, the delegation also hoped that the people would continue to overcome difficulties, actively work, and strive for a better life. The Corona Casino Management Board also wished the families to stabilize their economic situations soon to welcome the New Year.

The representative of Corona Casino said: “Corona Casino will continue to conduct charity activities to contribute to the development of a more prosperous and beautiful Phu Quoc”. On the occasion of the new year, wish you Wellbeing – Prosperity and Success!

Phu Quoc, February 2, 2021