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Condotel Casino Phu Quoc – “Hot” investment project at the end of 2019


Condotel Casino Phu Quoc Being invested and developed by Vingroup – one of the leading luxurious real estate, resort, Condotel and Shophouse development groups in the Northwest of Phu Quoc.

Casino Phu Quoc – Vinpearl Resort Real Estate project has been sold out for a long period, it is rare at present to find customers who want to transfer because of the high business profits from Phu Quoc Resorts.

Phu Quoc Condotel Casino is constructed right at Vinpearl Resort near Giang Dien Eco-tourism Area. Having a more favorable position when located close to Phu Quoc’s attractive tourist destinations, such as Vinpearl Land – outdoor play area, Vinpearl Safari – Wild Zoo, Aquarium, etc., visitors can enjoy a perfect holiday in Phu Quoc and stay here.

Condotel Phú Quốc  – Business Class model

Overview of Phu Quoc Condotel Casino project.

  • Official project name: Condotel Casino Phu Quoc
  • Investor: Vingroup
  • Location:Located close to Casino Phu Quoc and Vinpearl Resort Phu Quoc.
  • Number of Condotel apartments of the project:600 units.
  • Area of apartment with 1 bedroom, Studio: 41-44 m²
  • Area of apartment with 2 bedrooms: 74-90 m²
  • Area of apartment with 3 bedrooms: 117-124 m²

The scale includes:

  • 4-star hotel:8 floors, 1440 rooms
  • 5-star hotel:7 floors, 5 floors
  • Convention center area:2 floors with an area of 18,503 m²
  • Modern theater:2 floors with an area of 10,360 m²
  • Spa3,370 m²
  • Casino:18,800 m² – 2 floors, with swimming pool
  • 2ha of shopping, dining and amusement areas

Phu Quoc Condotel has an attractive investment policy, such as: 10% corporate income tax reduction, 50% personal income tax reduction, 20-day visa exemption for foreign visitors.

Location of Condotel Casino Phu Quoc apartment project

Layout of Condotel Vinpearl Casino Phu Quoc

Having the most beautiful and prime location in Phu Quoc, the potential for long-term investment to increase real estate of Phu Quoc Condotel Casino is great.

Condotel Casino Phu Quoc is located in the heart of Dai Beach – 1 of the 29 most beautiful beaches on the planet. Casino Phu Quoc Villa Area is located next to Phu Quoc Casino, which is considered a great advantage because it attracts a large number of tourists and has a very high exploitation potential.


Some direct domestic and international flights to Phu Quoc:

  • There are 7 direct flights from Hanoi
  • 7 flights from Ho Chi Minh City
  • 3 international flights: 1 flight from Singapore, 1 from Sieam Cambodia, 1 flight from Russia
  • More domestic flights from Da Nang and Nha Trang are expected to be opened.
  • Besides traveling by airway, customers can travel by train for only 2 and a half hours to reach Phu Quoc.

Some outstanding utilities of Vinpearl Condotel Phu Quoc project

It can be said that Condotel Casino Villa Phu Quoc is a resort project with a large scale comprising many separate villas. Moreover, Casino Phu Quoc of Vingroup is also focused on investing in utilities here.

According to some reviews from investment analysts, this Condotel Casino resort project possesses diverse and modern utilities. Certainly, utilities at the resort villas will satisfy customers, even the most demanding ones.

Vinpearl Safari – The first wild zoo in Vietnam

Outstanding utilities

  • Vinpearl Land has hundreds of thrilling games.
  • Vinpearl Safari – the first semi-wild zoo in Vietnam with up to 3,000 species.
  • Vincharm Spa – a beauty spot with suitable treatments and methods for Vietnamese skin
  • Golf Course – Golf course is built in accordance with international standards, requiring players to be really technical.
  • 5-star modern swimming pool system
  • Casino Corona
  • Conventional area with conference rooms of huge capacity
  • Customer support club system

Besides, there are hundreds of extremely attractive utilities at Vinpearl Phu Quoc that will please the most demanding customers.

Utilities at Phu Quoc Condotel Casino Villa will bring customers to touch customers’ various emotions:

  • Thrill, fear and joy with Vinpearl Land.
  • Eager and curiosity satisfaction with Vinpearl Safari.
  • Enjoy extremely refreshing moments with Vincharm Spa.
  • Immerse yourself to relax in the most modern swimming pool system on the planet.

Premise of the Phu Quoc Condotel Casino project.

Condotel Casino Phu Quoc Resort is considered as a prominent pearl in the middle of a clear blue beach and white sandy bank, providing a beautiful and ideal living space that not all projects can own.

Especially with unique design applying the most trendy design trend, Condotel Casino Phu Quoc Apartment Area certainly brings a memorable holiday for visitors.

Reasons to invest in Condotel Casino Phu Quoc Project

1. Prestigious investor

Investor: Vingroup

Vingroup is a brand that has appeared in Phu Quoc very early with many projects in operation such as Vinpearl Resort & Villas, Vinpearl Oasis Phu Quoc, etc., which always reach very high room capacity.

With its experience in operation and management, it is not difficult for Condotel Casino Vinpearl Phu Quoc to continue to succeed.

2. Adjacent to Phu Quoc Casino

Casino Phu Quoc – a magnet to attract tourists to Phu Quoc

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is one of the rare magnets, which attract visitors to Phu Quoc for entertainment and try their fortune. Condotel projects with Casino in the world such as Singapore, Malaysia, etc. all have high occupancy rates.

The appearance of Casino also increases the value of real estate around the casino, making Vinpearl Phu Quoc Condotel Casino become a product with the soaring potential in the future.

3. Classy and modern service chain

Owning Condotel Vinpearl Casino Phu Quoc, investors also own a 5-star utility service system from Vingroup, such as:

  • High-class cuisine system
  • Vincharm Spa system
  • Standard 27-hole golf course system with direct sea view
  • Vinpearl Land

4. 15 nights in entire Condotel system

Customers who own the apartment project Casino Phu Quoc also receive 15 high-class 5-star nights in the entire Vinpearl system.

This is one of the great incentives when Vingroup has deployed many Vinpearl-branded Condotel projects at Vietnam’s top tourist resorts, such as Vinpearl Nha Trang, Vinpearl Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc Casino project, etc.

5. Stable profitability

Low investment cost, high profitability, attractive investment policy no less than resort villas, with a profit sharing rate of 85% from apartment rental, but not less than 10%/year/total price apartment treatment.