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Certain games to try when coming to the Casino


Baccarat, Blackjack or slot are 3 of the hottest games at the casino in general and Corona Casino in particular.

The speed of the casino’s game updates is always making visitors feel dizzy. Every game featured in the Casino has its own unique appeal in terms of playing methods and rewards. However, not all players can choose the right casino games for them. Join us in taking a look at the top of the most popular and chosen casino games by many customers!


With a winning rate of up to 70%, Baccarat is one of the most popular and most played casino games. At Corona casino, players can join 1 of 100 tables and have a very high winning chance.


There are many methods to play Baccarat, but in Baccarat game, the Player or the Banker wins when the total points of cards dealt to each gate reach the higher score and the highest score is 9 points. The dealing rules (Tableau) will not be changed and no decision is required by the Player.


Roulette is also known as the little spinner. It means with just one spin, there will be many options to bet. After placing a bet, the Dealer spins the wheel and then drops a small ball in the opposite direction. Where the ball stops, the person who bets that square will win.


This is a game mainly based on luck, the Roulette table will have a spinning ball on a wheel on which there are 37 compartments of numbers from 0 – 36 in order of 18 black numbers and 18 red numbers which are arranged alternately on the wheel. Zero is a green number and is bet like any other number.

Slot Machine

Slot Machine game has many names, and in European countries or in American casinos, slot machines are commonly referred to as fruit machines. In Vietnam, it is often called a slot machine.


There will be only one button in front of the Slot Machine. Each machine will have 3 – 5 rolls. Each roll will have extremely eye-catching images such as: vivid fruits, diamonds and animation. A special feature is the huge reward in slot machines. With only a certain amount of money, customers will have a chance to win a huge amount.


Sic-bo, also known as Tai Sai, is a popular game in Asia and is played with 3 dice shakes in a dice-shaking device before starting each round.


Unlike the cards in the Casino, Sic Bo is a dice game dating back to the feudal era. If you’ve seen gambling movies, it wouldn’t be strange to see people playing Dice at casinos. Due to its attractive nature, Sic Bo has gradually become the most popular casino game in Asia.