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Casino terminologies you need to know

Visiting and experiencing at the casino will be much more enjoyable if you understand the basics of this trendy entertainment form.

Corona Casino belongs to the 5-star Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc complex, located at Dai beach Phu Quoc. As the first casino opened to Vietnamese visitors to play in the territory of Vietnam, this is also the pioneer name to bring this form of entertainment closer to the public and attract the attention of a large number of tourists at home and abroad. Therefore, it would be a pity if you missed this destination on your itinerary. If you plan to visit “Las Vegas of Vietnam”, don’t forget to refer to some casino-related terms for your full enjoyment!


Action – Action is the total amount of money to be bet. This term can also be used to indicate how much money is in a game.

Adding On – Buy more pokers

Ante – A term for poker players, which means the number of pokers a player at the table must bet before each deal. You will encounter ante at popular poker games, Caribbean Stud and others.

Arm – Way to throw dice. When one throws the dice and the dice hit the wall and the desired result is obtained, the pitcher achieves the “Golden Arm”. This term is mostly found in Craps.

Familiarize with the terminologies is the first step towards “conquering” the casino games


Bank Bet – A bet on which the dealer challenges the player to bet.

Babies – A poker term, meaning cards of little value.

Banker – Another way of calling the Dealer.

Bankroll – is how much money you have to gamble. It can be the amount by night, by week, by sports season, etc.

Beard – A player places a bet on another person to hide their identity.

Beginner’s Luck – A new player gets lucky and wins easily.

Betting Limits – minimum and maximum limits set by the Banker.

Betting Right or Wrong – On the Crap table, the correct bet is when the dice pass the line. And the wrong bet is when betting against the dice.

Biased Wheel – The Roulette wheel stops in favor of one part of the table, the ball appears to fall down more often in one part than in other parts of the table.

Blind Bet – Bet without looking at the cards.

Bluff – This is a tactic to deceive players or opponents into thinking they really have an advantage, but in reality they are not.

Bookie – A person that allows players to bet and place bets.

Bookmaker – Bet acceptor.

Bone – A poker term means the new name of the poker.

Bug – The Joker card

Burn Card – The first card in the deck is lost before the game starts.


Cage – A place to exchange cash for cards, exchange cards for money, etc.

Case Money – Urgent money


In addition to the general terms, the terms related to each game are also factors you should keep in mind if you are interested in casino entertainment.


Dead man’s hand – A poker term means blackjack double and black 8’s.

Deuce – When dice are rolled, the number is ‘2’.

Dog – A player is considered to be weak and easy to lose.

Dog Player – Player bets in lower gate

Draw – Cards in your hand drawn from the deck.


Dead man’s hand – A poker term means blackjack double and black 8’s.

Deuce – When dice are rolled, the number is ‘2’.

Dog – A player is considered to be weak and easy to lose.

Dog Player – Player bets in lower gate

Draw – Cards in your hand drawn from the deck.


Hand – The number of cards a player has in a hand.

Hit – A blackjack term is used when the player receives another card.

Hole card – In Blackjack, this is when the dealer’s card is faced down.

House – A system of casinos or bookmakers.

House Advantage – This is the difference between the real odds and the payout value. The House has interest rates in every game, but they are different. For example, the over line wins in craps have a lower house commission than Roulette, so the Craps bet is more suitable for long term players.


Insurance – The bet that the player offers to the player while playing Blackjack. When the player’s face card is blackjack, player can decide whether to accept insurance bet or not.


Jacks or Better – When you have a better card than J card.

Juice – Commission collected by the House.


Match Play – Multiplayer tournament system. Pair play and game play occurs when one of the two players reach the required point.

The correct understanding of the terms helps you enter the game quickly and easily adapt to a wide range of games


Natural – After the first 2 cards are dealt, if either door has a score of 8 or 9, you will win immediately.


Pot – Where all bets are held, usually in the center of the table.

Punto Banco – Another term in Baccarat, Punto = Player, Banco = Dealer

Push – Another term for Baccarat, another name for the card dealer and player: The player’s bet is refunded. So, if both get 7 points, the player will not lose. If a draw bet will be paid.


Random Number Generator – also referred to as RNG, a computer program that continuously takes random numbers. Then, these numbers form the sequence as a result in slot machines. When you play with slot machines, these numbers are randomly distributed. This will determine whether you win or lose.

River – The last hand dealt in a poker game is called the River


Showdown – When a player has to show cards.

Spinner – The winning streak


Whale – The name of the players who are betting large amounts of money.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is a destination not to be missed if you love games of luck and excitement