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Casino Phu Quoc – The first legal casino for Vietnamese people

Biệt thự Casino Phú Quốc – Casino hợp pháp đầu tiên dành cho người Việt Nam

Casino Phu Quoc – The first legal casino for Vietnamese people

About us


Located in the most prime location of “Pearl Island” Phu Quoc, Corona Resort – Phu Quoc Casino Villa is proud to own the most luxurious resort complex in Vietnam with nearly 2,000 5-star hotel rooms, world-class restaurants, a golf course, VinWonders park and the most modern Casino.

Get ready to experience Corona Resort & Casino – A venue of endless fun!



Visiting Phu Quoc Island, you can not only enjoy a relaxing environment with golden sunshine, blue sea, delicious sea food, but also participate in the most exciting and modern entertainment activities. In particular, Casino Phu Quoc is an entertainment destination that many tourists are interested in. This is also Vietnam’s first casino to receive Vietnamese.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc, whose full name is Corona Resort & Casino, is located in Long Beach (Bai Dai), Ganh Dau commune, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province. Included in a 5-star resort complex, thanks to its high-end splendid space, Phu Quoc Casino makes you feel as if you were entering the lavish casinos in Macau or Singapore.

Casino Phú Quốc


  • Being the first Casino for Vietnamese players

Previously, we could only admire and show envy of the luxurious classy casinos in the world. Now, domestic and foreign tourists can visit and try their luck with Corona Casino Phu Quoc – the largest and most modern casino in Vietnam. It is also the first casino for Vietnamese people.

Grand Corona Casino Phu Quoc has a floor area of 18,000m2 with luxurious world-class furniture. The casino is divided into separate zones to meet visitors’ different preferences and budgets.

  • Having hundreds of card tables, thousands of modern high-class gambling machines

Casino Phu Quoc is equipped with many games that are popular at famous casinos in the world.

The casino has 100 tables for visitors to play Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Chinese dice. Besides, Casino Phu Quoc also has 1000 slot machines, 32 Fusion Roulette machines, 125 Stadium Novo Unity II Multi Game Stations with modern Led screens to bring the best experience for visitors.

Besides, Corona Casino Phu Quoc also has a professional team serving food, drinks, dealing cards, and helping customers learn to play the games.

Casino Phú Quốc


Thanks to the unique landscape and rich and diverse natural ecosystem, everyday Phu Quoc Villas welcome nearly 80,000 domestic and foreign tourists to visit – entertain – relax.

Besides, Phu Quoc Villas become a favorite destination of all visitors due to the location next to the current outstanding tourism projects like Vinpearl Land, VinWonders amusement park, Vinpearl Safari, Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc – The first casino for Vietnamese people; 5-star restaurants and hotels, etc,….

Located in the sleepless city, sharing the same ecosystem with Vinpearl Land, having direct access to the most famous beaches in Pearl Island, Phu Quoc Villas certainly have a great value.

The target customers for these villas are families, corporate customers, large groups looking for a leisure vacation. In addition, the villa system is equipped with all high-class facilities, high-end design, perfect services while still making customers feel comfortable like at home.

Thanks to the above advantages, Casino Phu Quoc Villas Project is known as a “golden project” in the real estate industry and is expected to be a stable and long-term investment source in the future.

Casino Phú Quốc


Casino Phu Quoc Villas are built adjacent to each other with the neoclassical architectural style which is both luxurious and highly aesthetic. It is one of Vingroup’s key projects in Phu Quoc, targeting families, corporates, or mid-end and high-end tourists.

  • Prime location – Sea view

Phu Quoc Beach Villas have 2-4 floors with the neoclassical architectural style which is exquisite and beautiful.

  • High-end luxury utility system

The villas are located in the Grand World complex. Thus, they have access to many high-class facilities of Vinpearl ecosystem.

Staying in these villas, visitors have the opportunity to experience the complex of resorts and entertainment facilities at Long Beach such as: Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc the first Casino for Vietnamese; VinWonders amusement park – shopping center; Vinpearl Land amusement park; Vinpearl Safari; Shanghai area; Vinpearl Golf; Vinmec; etc;…



For Vietnamese

  • Being Vietnamese citizens of over 21 years old;
  • Having valid documents proving a regular income of over 10 million VND/month;
  • Presenting your ID card or passport for membership registration;
  • Purchasing a daily entrance ticket of $44/24 hours/person or a monthly entrance ticket of $1,100/month/person.

For foreigners

  • Being 18 years old or older and having civil act capacity as prescribed by Vietnamese laws;
  • Presenting your passport for membership registration;
  • Formal outfit.