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Casino Phu Quoc – the first casino for Vietnamese players in Vietnam

Corona Casino under Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc was officially put into operation. It is the first legal casino in Vietnam to be piloted to Vietnamese people.

Corona Phu Quoc Resort & Casino Complex has a total investment of about VND 50,000 billion. It is the first casino open to Vietnamese people. Upffinity Gaming Management, an international casino manager from the Netherlands with experience in managing premium casinos in Europe and Macao is the operator of Corona Casino.

What does the first casino for the Vietnamese offer?

Casino Phu Quoc is located on a floor area of about 18,000 meter square with 1,000 machines and 100 tables. The casino is divided into different areas to meet the game needs and financial capabilities of players.
Casino Phu Quoc is built on an area of 37 hectares, belonging to a new high-end eco-tourism complex with numerous entertainment and casino services with 400 roulette tables, 2,000 slots, and 100 tables for blackjack, baccarat and more. There is also a conference center, and international conference room and a 3,000-room 5-star hotel.

The casino has hundreds of tables and qualified staff.

Casino Phu Quoc casino is a complex of 2 hotels named Vinoasis and Radisson Blu, conference center, villas with spa, gym, restaurant, Bars & Lounge, etc.


Phu Quoc casino has a mission of attracting a significant cash flow that Vietnamese people are bringing abroad each year spending on foreign casino.

How to play at Corona Casino |

For foreigners, players only need to be 18 years old or older with their passport to register for membership and they are not required to buy tickets.

casino phú quốc cho người việt vào chơi
Casino Phu Quoc – the first casino for Vietnamese players in Vietnam

For Vietnamese players, they have to buy an ticket for 1 million dong/24 hours or buy a monthly ticket of 25 million dong/month. In addition, Vietnamese players have to present ID card confirming their age of over 21 years and proof of monthly income of at least 10 million dong. For more details, please click here.