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Before Thu Phuong and “Merry Christmas” Live show, which stars has Corona Theater received?

Corona Theater with sound and light systems meeting strict international standards is the ideal destination for both domestic and international top stars to hold classy, ​​civilized and eye-catching concerts, live shows.

Corona Theater belongs to the resort -entertainment complex of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, located at Long beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Pearl Island, has many natural privileges such as fine white sand, high purity water, fresh air and a wild ecosystem. The traffic infrastructure of Long beach is also quite convenient, it only takes about 40 minutes to travel one way from the airport, creating great conditions for a vacation at Long beach to be considered ideal for the whole family, groups or individuals.

However, the bright spot that makes Bai Dai stand out and become the “heart” for tourism activities of Phu Quoc island district is the abundance of recreational activities. Among them, it must be mentioned to Corona Theater, the name that many top stars “try before you trust” to hold spectacular and classy shows when coming to “Pearl of the Orient”. With the careful investment from the artist’s crew and the modern and modern equipment of Corona Theater, each activity in this “entertainment paradise” confidently conquers the most demanding audience with its civilization and grace.

Specifically, which artists have stopped and left their artistic mark at Corona Theater? Let’s take a look at the list of superstars below to clearly see the level of the top artistic meeting point in Phu Quoc.

Korean A-list stars: actress Lee Young Ah, actor Kang Eun Tak, …

In the framework of the Vietnam – Korea Artist Charity Golf Tournament taking place in early 2019, Corona Theater and the region’s leading modern golf course in the luxury resort complex of VinPearl Phu Quoc received the top stars of the land of kimchi. This “huge” guest group converged familiar names to Vietnamese audiences who love and follow and learn about the Hallyu culture wave like actress Lee Young Ah in the movie “Golden Bride”. Actors Kang Eun Tak (Legend of Jumong), Hong Soo A (My Wife is Gangster), Shim Ji Ho (School 2), Lyu Jae Hee, Kang So Yeon and Kim Sa Rah. In addition, Vietnam – Korea Artist Charity Golf Tournament also had the appearance of names in other artistic fields such as supermodel Ha Yeon Hwa.

Besides charitable purposes and meaningful humanitarian activities for society and the community, this is also an opportunity for Korean – Vietnamese artists to exchange and learn from each other.

Coming to the first Vietnam – Korea Artist Charity Golf Tournament at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, actor Shim Ji Ho, on behalf of the Korean artist team, made a few emotional statements after the tournament. He shared: “First of all, I thank the organizers for holding this meaningful tournament. This is not only an event to help strengthen the close relationship between the two countries, Vietnam and Korea but also has a humanistic meaning to contribute to the Hope for Children fund to support children in difficult circumstances”.

Korean and Vietnamese guests attended the opening ceremony and cut the inauguration ribbon of Corona Theater.

Top Vietnamese stars: sweet lyrical singer Phi Nhung, Quang Le, “king of Bolero” Dam Vinh Hung, …

With the size of more than 600 seats and luxurious, majestic design, modern equipment invested to meet the latest technical standards, Corona Theater is the trusted address of many famous singers in Vietnamese music industry to organize enthusiastic live shows.

Although operating not very long, Corona Theater has held countless large and small shows of the names that have received the love and support of Vietnamese audiences over the years. With the frequency of regular live shows and concerts, diverse repertoire and meticulous investment, Corona Theater deserves to be the leading art-entertainment meeting point of Phu Quoc island district, with the ambition to become a highlight of Vietnam tourism in the future.

King of Bolero” Dam Vinh Hung brought a new, vibrant color with attractive samba dances in the “Hello Summer” live show held at Corona Theater last June.
Phi Nhung – Truong Vu were settled with deep and sweet lyrical folk tone songs about the homeland and love.

In addition, Corona Theater also received the “queen of the tea room” Le Quyen with the delicate “Sea of ​​Love” live show that made up her brand, “Brother” Lam Truong replicated memories of the “old 1990s” with the great love songs in “Immortal Love Song”, or Quang Le with the latest “Small village, country love” live show that just took place here, … Bang Kieu  with “Kieu” live show praised the modernity and formality of Corona Theater, as well as evaluated the Corona Resort & Phu Quoc Casino deserved 5 stars, having all that the guests need in their vacation.

Not only entertaining the audience with music live shows, Corona Theater is also a location for various shows (skits, magic, …) such as Funny Music Festival with the participation of familiar comedians like Thu Trang, Lam Vi Da, … which brought the audience comfortable relaxing moments, meeting the diverse entertainment needs of customers when visiting this place. In particular, the exchanges right on the program not only help stir the atmosphere, but also give the audience the chance to receive attractive prizes.

What will Corona Theater have in December?

Coming to Corona Theater in December is a festive atmosphere filled with majestic live show titled “Merry Christmas” with the participation of diva Thu Phuong, singer Ho Trung Dung and My Ngoc. Thu Phuong has been a familiar name to the audience, owning a “fortune” with countless hits and a period of respectable artistic activities. The characteristic husky voice, the technical way of handling but still does not lose the affection and the harshness that have made the name and the mark of the diva by years.

“Merry Christmas” is expected to bring the audience a deep music night in a sweet, warm atmosphere as it is called.

Male singer Ho Trung Dung also leaves an impression on the audience with his elegant image and deep, warm voice. My Ngoc will be a new breeze that promises to bring an interesting color to the show. “Merry Christmas” is directed by music director Minh Khang – who has many years of experience organizing live shows for big names in the Vietnamese music industry, in conjunction with MK band and The Sea dance crew.

Live show “Merry Christmas” takes place at 20:00 on December 24, 2019. If you choose Phu Quoc as a destination for your Christmas holiday this year, this will be an activity that you will be hard to ignore.

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