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Bapaki TEA & Bakery – Sponsor giving free drinks during Dam Vinh Hung’s live show

Bapaki TEA & Bakery – Sponsor giving free drinks during Dam Vinh Hung’s live show

As a famous tea and bakery shop in the center of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc Island, Bapaki TEA & Bakery has been loved by both tourists and local people and has become an ideal destination for meetings and gatherings after stressful working hours.

With a spacious airy space and a clever delicate design in brown color, Bapaki TEA & Bakery brings a unique, peaceful, and gentle atmosphere right in the heart of a crowded city. Every day, with the most dedication and attention, Bapaki TEA & Bakery always offers customers tasty cake and tea products which are made meticulously.

The signature of Bapaki TEA & Bakery not only comes from an airy space and special tasty drinks and food but also a diversified menu with ingredients that are carefully selected and prepared. In addition to delicious drinks, Bapaki TEA & Bakery always desires to ensure high quality for each product and service. Coming to Bapaki TEA & Bakery, diners can rest assured to choose delicious dishes from a wide selection of bread, cakes, ice cream, or milk tea..

It is known that Bapaki TEA & Bakery will be the official drink sponsor for “Colorful Night” live show on May 1 with the participation of singer Dam Vinh Hung, singer Vu Ha, and many other famous names. The show held with an elaborate setup at Corona, the theater on the Island, promises to bring many interesting surprises to the audience. If you are a fan of male singer Dam Vinh Hung and love the taste of the milk tea brought by ​​Bapaki TEA & Bakery, come and join now! Enjoying music with a special milk tea drink will surely bring a wonderful relaxing moment.

Contact the Hotline: 0344.61.6666 to book your tickets today.

Let’s join “Colorful Night” live show and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!