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Baccarat terms – full know-how to “win all”


Understanding terms makes it easy for players to take the initiative in Baccarat. 

Baccarat, also known as Scratch Cards, is one of the most popular games at casinos worldwide. Baccarat has quite simple rules, a skillful balance between luck and each player’s calculating ability, so it is attractive to both familiar and first-time visitors.

thuat-ngu-baccaratBaccarat has a long history and is famous as a highly-stimulating game with great rewards

After just a few times of observation, most players can grasp the game rules. Also, the terms will be useful if players want to have a deeper understanding of Scratch Cards and increase their winning rate against betting doors. Terms may vary by geographic location, but below are the most common and prevailing terms at casinos today, including Corona Casino Phu Quoc.

  • Natural win: After the first 2 cards are dealt, if either door has a score of 8 or 9, then that door will win without considering the 3rd card.
  • Banker:Door of the House, in this door, the player who wins will be deducted with 5% of the commission. However, this door has a slightly higher winning rate than the Player door.
  • Player / Punto: On Player door, in this door, player will not lose commission when winning.
  • Tie:Draw, when a player bets this door, they only win if the 2 doors have the same score, and is paid 8 or 9 times the amount of the bet depending on the House.
  • Player Pair: The Player bets on the Player Pair door.
  • Perfect Pair: Bet on either door to have a pair of the same suit.
  • Big: Bet on a 5 or 6 points between two doors.
  • Small:Bet on a 4-way point distance.
  • Either Pair: Betting in 1 in the two doors, a pair will appear.
  • Banker Pair:Bet on Pair of the House.

Due to the uncomplicated rules and few variations applied, Baccarat is considered to be a suitable game for those who are new to casino entertainment, along with slot machines and dice (sic-bo). However, that doesn’t mean it is easy to win Baccarat – players need to be very flexible in their calculations, as well as grasp the golden rules of the Scratch Card game table to gain advantages in the game.

Baccarat’s terms are generally not much and easy to understand and memorize.

In addition to the common terms mentioned above, Baccarat also has a number of other terms that may be mentioned during the player’s participation in the bet, such as:

Bruning: is the act of discarding 3 to 6 cards after shuffling.

Caller: is the representative of the casino who is in charge of the cards at the Baccarat table.

Carte: is a term of French origin, which is used to call for more cards from the dealer.

Chemin de fer: is another kind of Baccarat which is also quite popular, commonly known as European Baccarat. It is called Railroad in some places. This is a different form of the classic game for adventure lovers. One of the players on the table will act as dealer and deal the cards.

Face card: refers to the pieces J, Q, and K, because in Baccarat they have the value 0.

Fading: refers to betting, but this term is used at real casinos.

Flat Bet (fixed bet): Player bets the same amount whether they win or lose.

High roller (large bet): Only a few players have large bets in Baccarat.

Loss Bet: Just bet against the House.

Shoe: Also known as Sabot, it is the place to place and keep cards to prepare for the dealing



Memorizing the additional terms will help players react more flexibly to the developments on the table.

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