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Baccarat playing experience – The most effective baccarat strategy


Currently, Baccarat is one of the most popular games at domestic as well as international casinos.

About Baccarat strategies and experiences, we can mention to the countless number of effective Baccarat betting strategies.

High winning odds

With our long experience playing cards, we would like to introduce a card game strategy to newbies called “Going with the flow”. With the advantage of being easy to understand, easy to apply and able to play with a variety of capital and betting round only from 6 to 8 times, this will be a card game strategy suitable for beginners of Baccarat.

With this card game experience, players can increase their chances of winning by up to 85%, the rest will be purely depend on each person’s fortune.



Baccarat playing experience

According to the experts’ experience of playing cards, the bettor should be based on the results of the previous game to choose the bet. It means:

  • Round 1: No bet
  • Round 2: Bet according to the result of winning hand in round 1

If round 1 results on the banker’s hand, then bet on banker’s hand in round 2. If round 1 results on the Player’s hand, then bet on Player’s hand in round 2. In the event that in round 1, the result returns the Tie (draw), then do not bet, but observe the result in round 2 to apply to round 3.

Likewise until the bet hand is changed. Or 7 – 8 betting rounds end.

The root of this betting strategy is that Baccarat is a highly repeatable Casino bet. You do not need to think anything but just follow the bet history returned before, anyway you will get the profit.


This betting strategy based on the repeatability of Baccarat hand sounds simple, but very effective. Not only new players but also “tough” members in the Casinos still apply regularly. The difference is that the pros will apply additional betting budget selection tactics to increase the probability of winning and maximizing the winning bets. However, combining 2 strategies at the same time will be suitable to those who have experienced slightly advanced betting.

Back to the effectiveness of this betting strategy. If you are in doubt, you can go to any Baccarat table to see the bet history, or stand outside to watch and record the results to verify. Before proceeding to actual bets.



As you can see, this experience of playing Baccarat is very simple and requires very little thought. Especially if having a long bet streak, the chance of holding a bunch of winning bet is quite high. If the bet streak is not long, it will not get much but also get little. Any way is beneficial.

 Good luck to you!