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Are Vietnamese allowed in casinos?

Casinos are no longer new to Vietnamese people. Speaking of casinos, we will definitely think of some well-known games like “Blackjack” (“Xì Dách”), “Poker” (“Xi To”), “Chinese dice” (“Tai xiu”), etc. which usually appear in classic movies about casinos. A Casino is known as a luxury splendor entertainment venue serving the richest people around the world. So are Vietnamese allowed to play in casinos?

Vietnamese are officially allowed to play cards in casinos.

A Casino has been well-known among Vietnamese as “song bai”. Casino games are divided into many different categories and arranged into many tables in each casino, so players can freely choose their favorite games. A Casino is not only a highly entertaining venue but also gives players the opportunity to try their luck. Players have the opportunity to win a big amount after just a few games

Previously, to play casino games, Vietnamese had to go abroad, and travel costs were extremely expensive. The extremely unfortunate fact is that Vietnamese people go abroad to play in overseas casinos, therefore contributing to other countries’ economic growth instead of the Vietnamese economy.

Currently, considering achieving world-class economic development, the Government has realized the importance of developing the night-time economy to the country’s socio-economic development; in which, the Casino business is one of the potential models attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Besides, it also helps create jobs for thousands of domestic workers.

On 16 January 2017 – The Government decided to allow Vietnamese people to enter casinos in Vietnam for 3 years with strict regulations. The Government also issued Decree 03/2017/ND-CP on casino business. This Decree provides regulations on the operation, management, and sanctions for administrative violations in casino business activities in the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Conditions for Vietnamese to play in casinos

  • Being at least 21 year olds and fully capable of civil acts according to Vietnam’s laws;
  • Being financially capable of playing in the casino. The gambler must have proofs of having current income of at least VND 10 million per month or being subject to at least grade-3 income tax as prescribed in the Law on personal income tax. The Ministry of Finance shall provide guidance on the documents proving the financial capacity of the gamblers;
  • Purchasing a casino entrance ticket. The price of such ticket shall be VND 01 million/24 continuous hours/person or VND 25 million/month/person;
  • Being not a person whose parent, adoptive parent, spouse, natural child who has fully legal capacity or who himself/herself requests the casino-operating enterprise to prevent him/her from playing games at the casino;
  • A Vietnamese citizen allowed to play in a casino shall use only Vietnam dong for exchange for tokens; remaining or winning tokens may be re-exchanged for Vietnam dong.

A Vietnamese citizen shall be banned from playing games at a casino if he/she:

Was charged with a criminal offence and the case is being under investigation or adjudication by a Vietnamese or foreign proceeding agency;

Has a previous conviction for the infringement upon national security or other knowingly offences and was given an imprisonment sentence of 03 years or more and the criminal record has not been expunged;

Is serving a suspended imprisonment sentence;

Is serving a non-custodial community sentence, mandatory supervision, prohibition from residence, prohibition from holding certain positions or prohibition from conducting business sectors subject to security and order conditions according to decisions of the Court;

Is incurring the measure of education at communes; incurring the decision on application of administrative handling measures during the time of waiting for implementation of the decision; having drug addiction; being suspended from implementing the decision on forcible sending to a reform school or a rehabilitation center;

Has incurred administrative penalties which have not been expunged.

Casino Phu Quoc – The first legal casino in Vietnam that allows Vietnamese people to play.

Casino Phu Quoc is included in Corona Resort & Casino complex, located in Long Beach, Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province. Corona Resort & Casino is the top resort complex in Vietnam.

Casino Phu Quoc has become a familiar entertainment destination for many tourists when traveling to Pearl Island. Beside a luxurious and modern space, Casino Phu Quoc also impresses customers with a variety of attractive entertainment games like major casinos in the world. Hundreds of tables and a team of professionally trained staff have created a modern high-class casino that attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to Phu Quoc Island.

During the pandemic, visitors are still completely assured when coming to play cards at Corona Casino Phu Quoc. Corona Casino has a floor area of 18,000m2 and is equipped with luxurious international-class furniture. The casino is also divided into different zones to meet visitors’ different preferences and budgets. Customers can completely have fun in their private zones.

Instead of watching and showing envy of the luxury, class, and modernity of major casinos in MACAU or Las Vegas, Vietnamese people can now come and play at Corona Casino Phu Quoc to experience and try their luck. It is also the first casino for Vietnamese. Currently, more than half of the customers coming to play casino games in Phu Quoc Island are Vietnamese.

What attracts players to the first casino for Vietnamese

Many tourists have known Corona casino but have not had the opportunity to experience it in person. So what makes this casino attract foreign tourists so much? As Vietnamese have seen in movies, casinos are the elite’s entertainment venues where the richest people gather, but many people come to casinos to try their luck. Casino Phu Quoc is inspired by the world’s leading casinos with modern luxurious international-standard designs. Coming to Corona Casino Phu Quoc, visitors can play many attractive games: 

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Corona Poker
  • Slot machine
  • Sic Bo game

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is included in Corona Resort & casino complex, where visitors can not only have fun at Corona casino but also experience 5 star resort services, health-care and spa services, world cuisine, and the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc Island. All of these experiences have made Corona become a paradise.

  • A casino with a floor area of 18,800m2, 2 floors, and a swimming pool which helps customers relax after playing games.
  • A 4-star hotel with: 8 floors 1,440 rooms
  • An international 5-star hotel which is divided into one 7-floor block and one 5-floor block
  • Corona theatre, the largest theatre in Vietnam
  • Akoya Spa, where customers can relax and watch the sunset on Pearl Island in the afternoon
  • Shopping and entertainment venues in Long Beach walking street

Casino Phu Quoc, a choice for meeting business partners?

Meeting partners is a very familiar activity in the business world. It is required to find an elegant high-end space to meet and treat VIP partners. Besides, a venue where customers can have fun and enjoy good food at the same time may “facilitate” business discussions. 

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is the most suitable venue to satisfy the most demanding customers. Beside a luxurious and classy design, the casino has both public gambling area and private zones, which is ideal for customers to meet business partners who need privacy.

After having fun in the casino with your partner, you can enjoy a glass of wine at the bar and enjoy food at Almaz food court. Serving all the cuisine all over the world, the investor also pays great attention to the interior design to make sure the typical design for each restaurant matches its regional culinary characteristics. Almaz is always appreciated thanks to the great skills of its famous chefs who offer customers all kinds of delicious dishes from Vietnam to Asia and Europe. 


Conclusion: Can Vietnamese people enter the casino? The answer is yes but not all casinos. Corona Casino Phu Quoc is the first legal casino in Vietnam that allows Vietnamese to play. Casino Phu Quoc is an ideal venue for tourists to relax, visit, meet partners, experience, and try their luck at the end of 2021. Come and experience it right away