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Almaz Phu Quoc – the International Cuisine

Almaz Phu Quoc – the International Cuisine Center in the middle of Corona Resorts & Casino is the place for cuisine and shopping lovers for free discovery and selection. Almaz Phu Quoc aims to become an attractive destination for the middle class, office workers, and Vietnamese Cuisine lovers.
Almaz Phu Quoc owns the restaurant chain with diverse cuisine styles, such as Bach Giai Chinese Style Restaurant, Ozone Seafood Restaurant, Bow Thai Restaurant, Japanese Style Shinko Restaurant, European Style Topaz Ruby Restaurant, Beer Club Restaurant. And the Vietnamese Style Restaurant Brand is expected to debut. It brings excellent cuisine experiences to and satisfies all fastidious customers.
Furthermore, Almaz Phu Quoc also owns business stores trading in specialties, souvenirs, utilities, which helps tourists purchase necessary items and local specialty gifts.
Almaz Phu Quoc – The elite of international cuisine