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All inclusive resort: a new and potential trend


All inclusive  is currently a popular form of tourism around the world thanks to its advantages of convenience, economy and full service. The Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc Complex is one of the pioneering names to bring this new trend to Vietnamese tourists.

What is All inclusive?

All inclusive or full service is a travel form that allows a traveler to pay once for all services. Therefore, all inclusive is also called “carefree vacation” – as visitors do not need to worry about cash or a bank card and they can use all services included in the price. Depending on the policies of each accommodation system, these services will vary, however, basically, the all inclusive package typically includes essential amenities such as resorts, meals and entertainment.

All inclusive is the current trend in luxury tourism.

All inclusive has just been introduced in the past few years but it has quickly proved its stnding in the travel industry and has received the support of the travel community. Many 5-star resort and entertainment complexes in the world have included this type in their service list, they even upgrade it to a core service package, such as Club Med – the famous name in France or Wyndham with a system of hotels and resorts in the world, etc.

From these names, visitors also easily recognize a distinctive feature of the All inclusive resort: they provide the most classy, modern and professional services, in luxury complexes or resorts.

The All inclusive also stands out thanks to the diversification of the consumer segment, with customized services for children and adults and becomes popular for family vacation. They minimize additional costs and eliminate the fear of being “overpriced” which is common among tourists.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc: the pioneer in All inclusive

As a country famous for many landscapes and busy tourism activities, and with the goal of making this smoke-free industry a key sector in the economy, Vietnam makes considerable effort to keep up with new and potential travel trends. Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is one of the pioneers in bringing All inclusive service package to Vietnam and has achieved certain success, reflecting the high demand of domestic and foreign tourists for this new form of resort.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is the leading name when it comes to All inclusive service in Vietnam

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is located at Dai beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of “the Pearl Island” in Kien Giang province. The prime geographical location is one of the motives for the development of All Inclusive services and for its standing in numerous resorts appearing in Phu Quoc, since this place emerges on the tourist map of Vietnam and attracts millions of visitors every year. Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc’s All inclusive package covers all the needs of travelers in a vacation similar to international resorts with respect to accommodation, meals and entertainment.

Luxury accommodation with fully imported furniture, ensuring sanitation, medical requirements, and diverse services including gym, swimming pool, free club, etc.

Corona Resort’s accommodation system is divided into two independent areas: a beautiful modern 5-star Radisson Blu with an outdoor swimming pool and VinOasis with green space and fresh air of the rich vegetation. It provides stunning room view: garden view, lake view and sea view, providing visitors with a relaxing experience, and chance to be immersed in nature.

In particular, the Radisson Blu complex has 10 luxury villas near the sea, which should be the first choice for a family resort, when visitors want a quiet and private space to enjoy the beauty of the sea with their relatives.

Inside the Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc complex, there is a large shopping & food center called Almaz, offering products of luxury brands and the culinary area of 10 restaurants offering food from Asia to Europe with various manu options of à la carte or buffet menu, snacks and an extensive beverage list. The bar system of the Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc complex is also arranged in many unique locations including rooftop bar, lake bar, etc. with diverse menus of wine, mojito and non-duplicated beverages. All bring visitors a splendid experience.

Shopping, dining, conferences, sports and relaxation – all in 1 at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc

Entertainment is a focus in Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc’s all inclusive resort, which is also a factor creating the uniqueness and strength of this comlex in comparison with other hotels and resorts in the region. In addition to popular entertainment such as water park or golf course, Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc also offers the top “duo”: Corona Theater and Corona Casino Phu Quoc. These are types of entertainment that have never been seen before in “the Pearl Island”, bringing great attractiveness to this resort and entertainment complex.

Corona Theater has been in operation since April 2019 and has so far served many famous figures such as Quang Le, Le Quyen, Dam Vinh Hung, etc. Corona Casino is the first casino for Vietnamese players. in Vietnamese territory, to bring this form of entertainment closer to the public. With 8 trendy games and 100 tables and 1000 slot machines, this is a highlight of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc’s All inclusive service package in particular, and Bai Dai beach tourism in general.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is comparable to famous casinos in Asia, with a luxurious space and operated by an experienced operator.

Your all inclusive vacation start right from the moment you arrive at the airport with a careful transport service. The system of luxurious rooms, spa, outstanding facilities, “banquet” of local and world cuisine, endless entertainment night with many interesting games, etc. all make up a “dream vacation” that cannot be found anywhere in the world with huge incentives in cost.