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5 unique experiences on Bai Dai beach in Phu Quoc


In addition to the fine weather and pristine landscape, Bai Dai beach in Phu Quoc also has many other interesting points which deserve to be your destination when travelling at the beginning of the year.

Bai Dai beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc island as it is richly endowed by nature: clear waters, long stretch of fine white sand beach, fresh air and less impact of human activities.

In particular, Bai Dai beach also has abundant flora and fauna as it is near the intact primary forest. Therefore, when visiting this northern part of the island, tourists will have countless entertainment options and discover Bai Dai beach of the “Pearl Island”, a gem of Vietnam’s beach and island tourism in recent years.

Looking at gorgeous sunrise and sunset from Doi Moi islet and Dam islet

Doi Moi Iislet and Dam islet are 1 km from Bai Dai beach. It is similar to most of the area of Bai Dai beach, Doi Moi islet and Dam islet also maintain untouched beauty, which is suitable for those who love nature and wish to enjoy quiet space.

It is well-known that sunrise and sunset are the beautiful scenes of Phu Quoc, in which tourists have been familiar with sunset on the cape of Dinh Cau and sunrise in Ham Ninh fishing village, however, if you wish to have strange experiences, Doi Moi islet and Dam islet will be a reasonable choice.

When looking at from this place, Grandiose natural landscape will be more likely to make tourists amazed.

Furthermore, on Doi Moi islet and Dam islet, tourists can also experience other entertainment activities which have made a name for Phu Quoc tourism such as kayaking, fishing, diving and looking at coral reefs. Blue and clear sea water looks like sapphire, this environment is favorable for the development of aquatic plants and animals, bringing plentiful and interesting experiences to you.

 Corona Casino, the first casino that welcomes Vietnamese customers in the territory of Vietnam

It would be a mistake if Corona Casino in Phu Quoc was not mentioned in the tourist map of Phu Quoc. Although Corona Casino has just been put into operation from the beginning of 2019, it has become an attractive tourist destination because of its novelty and uniqueness.

This is the first casino that permits Vietnamese people to play in the territory of Vietnam (previously, all casinos licensed to legally operate in the territory of Vietnam only serves foreign customers), contributing to bringing this luxurious form of entertainment to the people.

Corona Casino opens 24/7 and brings more entertaining experiences to tourists.

Corona Casino in Phu Quoc has 100 gaming tables, 1000 slot machines and 8 games selected from the top casinos in the world. With the regulations that are not too strict, tourists can visit and experience the casino experience easily and simply. The built-up area is over 18,000 square meters, it is divided into 2 floors with an independent swimming pool and on-site restaurants and bars, Corona Casino deserves the title of “Las Vegas of Vietnam”.

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Discovering the intact primary forest

Although Phu Quoc is an island, up to 70% of its area is covered by the national forest, stretching through three large mountain ranges: Ham Ninh, Ham Rong and Ganh Dau. Part of the primeval forest cuts through Bai Dai beach, with untouched beauty and diversity that is difficult to find in other sea areas as it has both the forest and the sea in an area.

It is part of Bai Thom commune, Cua Duong commune and Ham Ninh commune, therefore, the forest route is formed quite clearly, it is not too rough and abrupt or does not require many difficult skills. To conquer this 90km forest route, it is necessary to overcome 12 bridges. The route is divided into many sections and some areas are quite muddy, which makes it difficult to travel; however, transparent streams, cool air and huge vegetation will reward you.

Enjoying music at Corona Theater in Phu Quoc

To be part of high-end entertainment and resort complex, along with Corona Casino in Phu Quoc, Corona Theater in Phu Quoc makes an impression with the advanced sound and lighting system that satisfies the strictest international standards.

With a capacity of over 600 audiences, Corona Theater is an ideal destination of civilized music lovers. Programs at Corona Theater in Phu Quoc are diverse and takes place continuously, guaranteeing to provide the best quality spiritual food for audiences whether to stay for a long period of time or a short period of time.

Corona Theater is proper in all aspects, it is a reliable choice of many A-list celebrities.

List of guests who have organized live shows and concerts at Corona Theater in Phu Quoc can satisfy the most connoisseurs of music: Quang Le, Phi Nhung, Dam Vinh Hung, Le Quyen, etc. Theses singers are beloved of all audiences and have immortal songs, bringing the sublimation and innumerable emotions, booming and satisfying audiences of both sound and vision at the night performances.

Playing golf at the most modern golf course in Southeast Asia

Golf is no longer an unfamiliar sport, but a coastal golf course brings certain novel experiences, when players can play sports and enjoy sea views of Bai Dai beach. VinPearl golf course in Phu Quoc is the largest one on Vietnamese island, built by IMG which specializes in building 5-star golf courses in the world.

Phu Quoc golf course has high tees, ensuring good vision for players.

The terrain of VinPearl golf course is diverse, especially with the modern 27-hole golf course design, it is a challenge for even the most professional golfers, awakening players’ desire to conquer the challenge. Convenient transportation is also a plus for this golf course when there are non-stop flights from large airports in Vietnam, Russia, South Korea and China. Besides, Phu Quoc golf course also includes many other utilities such as club house, high-end restaurant & bar, pro shop, etc.