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3 reasons why you should try resort tourism in 2020


Unlike adventure tourism, resort tourism, a “trend” of travelers in recent years, has seen a strong development. 

There are many famous “virtual living places” in Vietnam including SaPa, Ha Long, Da Lat, Da Nang, etc. With rich nature and terrain, Vietnam is the countries with high potentialities in tourism development.

The evidence is that many Vietnamese destinations have received positive comments on world famous magazines, as most recently, CNN has voted Phu Quoc as a prominent destination of autumn in 2019.

Phu Quoc – a tourist paradise comparable to Phuket (Thailand) or Bali (Indonesia)

In addition, the development of traffic and infrastructure has also contributed to the revival of this smoke-free industry, especially coastal resort tourism – where there are many suitable conditions to build luxury resort and open space for satellite utility system.

The reciprocal relationship has made resort tourism quickly stand out and be the top must-try experience in 2020.


Resort tourism has not only affirmed its position in Vietnam but has become a trend with global influence. In this era of rapid development of technology, media and social networking platforms, travelling is not only about enjoyment, but also the need to keep memories as well as share moments with the community.

In general, everyone wants to share beautiful places, delicious food and interesting discoveries in beautiful places on social networks.

This habit makes resort tourism a major advantage as the majority of resorts are beautifully designed and modern, with the sense of luxury and richness.

In addition, resort tourism also has a much higher level of safety than adventure tourism, so it is more common.

Resort tourism is suitable for both family, groups or couples

In Vietnam, Phu Quoc is one of the leading regions in resort tourism development. Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is located at Dai beach, a 5-star resort-entertainment complex surrounded by the lush green color of the Radisson Blu’s luxury hospitality system, as well as the diverse vegetation of oasis VinOasis.

Imported furniture, sea view rooms and coastal villas all create a splendid landscape, meeting the quiet relaxation needs and the indispensable needs of expressing personal ego of visitors.


For exploration or adventure tourism, visitors need to equip themselves quite a lot, leading to cumbersome inconvenience. On the other hand, resort tourism is the opposite, providing tourists with the most necessary items, ensuring all strict standards of quality as well as medical regulations..

One of the outstanding advantages of resort tourism is the integration of many satellite facilities into one cluster/ecosystem, known as “all in one”. That means visitors don’t need to waste time traveling to shop or find entertainment. These complexes can satisfy all the needs of customers.

Visitors no longer waste time on moving, and their schedule will become much simpler when choosing resort tourism in luxurious complexes.

In Phu Quoc, Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is one of the prominent names in the field of tourism, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists..

Inside this complex are 5-star Radisson Blu and 4-star VinOasis hospitality systems, along with free satellite amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool or gym. The complex also includes a culinary and shopping mall Almaz Phu Quoc, with 10 restaurants that fully showcase the essence of Asian and European cuisine and luxury chain stores..


Resort tourism offers visitors chances to explore new lands in a completely new way. In addition to the familiar options of scenic spots and popular must-try experiences, resort and entertainment complexes also provide additional options to visitors. They are new recreational activities, enriching your experience during your stay.

In order to attract tourists, each resort complex always seeks to develop more unique entertainment

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is not only impressed by the meticulousness and tuning of the resort industry, but also instantly became the top destination in Phu Quoc thanks to its pioneering entertainment options, including the Corona Theater and Corona Casino.

Enjoying the music of A-list artists at Corona Theater will surely bring great feelings, an interesting and delicate spiritual dish for audiences who love advanced music.

Furthermore, Corona Casino – the first casino to serve Vietnamese players in Vietnam is also a unique and unprecedented feature that cannot be found anywhere but Phu Quoc. This “Las Vegas Vietnam” includes 2 floors with a total area of over 17,000 square meters, 100 tables and 1000 slot machines, 8 trendy games and restaurant and bar system with high-standard snacks and wine.

Resort tourism is a smart way for visitors to see a new face of the land you choose to explore